Our Association main goal is to support rapid development and popularization of precise agriculture conception all over the world for each crop growing entity, region agrarian complex as well as for the whole country; solving such global problems as global food deficit, agrarian markets efficient performance, rational use of sowing areas and the optimization of such attendant industries as agrarian machines, fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides production, professional employees skills development etc.

We plan to reach our goals by means of the following tasks implementation:

  • informing core specialists and agrarian business representatives on precise agriculture;
  • the most recent developments monitoring;
  • supporting global skill-sharing in precise agriculture;
  • assisting agrarians all over the world in precise agriculture technologies practical implementation;
  • tillage technologies standardization;
  • theoretical and practical conferences, round tables and other scientific and education events organization;
  • scientific and education articles publication in scientific papers and mass media  sources, existing articles promotion;
  • organization and development of intersectoral contacts and other cooperation formats which  promote precise agriculture.