The systems of parallel technological controlling involve the duplication of the operator’s some functions in order to reduce human error, as well as the overhead optimization of an arable area unit. The technology uses the satellite signal transmitted to a display by on-board computer of farm machines to adjust the course. Guided by the satellite data, the driver  keeps the optimal distance between the strips. In addition to the tillage, the parallel controlling is used to fertilize, to spray and to harvest the cultivated area. The system of parallel technological controlling allows to start the work from the point at which it was finished the day before. The technology is particularly important in a poor marking of the field boundaries and in a poor visibility (rain, fog, dust).

Thereby, this technology allows to optimize  field cultivation time, ensures efficient use of the operator’s labor hours, fuel, fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, helps to minimize wear and tear of equipment, the firming of soil layers; streamline the operations of all units of the company’s vehicle fleet.